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Input Fields - for Marketplace Businesses - Airtable template

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Input fields for a classic service-based marketplace business.

What are input fields?

Input fields refer to the information you collect from your users at each stage of their journey. They are the forms you will need to add to your marketplace. 

For example, when a supplier creates a listing, what fields do you need them to complete? Listing title, listing description, price per hour etc. 

Are these fields mandatory or optional? Should they have any placeholder text? What are the validation rules for each field (e.g. “must be more than 8 characters”)?

Why do I need this?

It can be a tedious and difficult process to write out all of the fields you'll need to add, the placeholder text, validation rules, whether they are mandatory or optional, etc. 

I've done a lot of the hard work for you by creating a template that includes the types of input fields that you might find in a service-based marketplace like Airbnb.

This document will also help you to communicate the notification system with your developers.

How should I use it?

All you need to do is sign up duplicate this template and tailor it to your own business.

Who is this for?

+ You're a marketplace founder, entrepreneur or side-hustlers

+ You have an awesome marketplace idea

+ You're in the early stages of designing or building a marketplace

+ You're using a no-code or low-code tool such as Sharetribe, Bubble or Webflow

Who am I?

I'm a UX designer with over 8 years of experience. For the last two years, I have specialised in designing marketplaces. I founded my own marketplace and I've helped six founders design theirs.

Learn more about me and my services at

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Input Fields - for Marketplace Businesses - Airtable template

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